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Patti Bartsch’s Zyto Biz Coaching online education is a winner! A “pre-game” sets the focus for the online sessions. Opening comments focus on good and not so good outcomes of the prior week’s education. Patti is a master at how and when to use the different tests and how to interpret the reports. She is generous in her explanations, handouts, scripts and how she plans her wellness programs. Patti will take you through the marketing process of live events, to capturing contact info and how to use it in the clients follow up visits. Patti understands and reaches out to all the individuals, in the group, to be sure they get her full attention and what they need to make their practice thrive. I was at a loss for how to use the Zyto software in my practice. Patti’s confident uncomplicated explanations and plan is easy to follow and accomplish. I took the course even though it does not fit in my schedule at this time. The video and audio playbacks are great to refresh the content for at home viewing or listening while driving. The handouts are invaluable. The scripts have helped me in my conversations with my clients and planning my own client coach sessions. Taking Patti Bartsch’s Zyto Biz Coaching class is one of the best decisions I’ve made because of the confidence and framework she has given me to build my business. Kathryn Brown OTA, DATA, Health and Wellness Coach  

ZYTO Business Coaching with Dr. Patti Bartsch is one of the best investments I have made in quite a while…  

The coaching sessions were practical, on point and with tools to implement right away so you leave feeling empowered to make changes immediately.  

Despite using ZYTO technology in my practice for several years, I discovered some flaws that were undoubtedly impacting my success. 

Ideal for both brand new and established wellness businesses, it will shorten the learning curve and set you up with proven systems right out of the gate and give you a fresh perpesctive on your habits and fantastic ideas to streamline your workflow. I highly recommend her course; the online format makes it very convenient and easy to follow. 

Christine Cronin, PhD - Naturopath - Massachusetts  

This program has given me the perfect understanding of how to take full advantage of ZYTO technology! Patti's ZYTO Business Coaching program is really incredible as it gave me the tips and knowledge of how to market myself beyond my MLM business… I have had incredible results! Not only have I been able to charge more, but I have had more clients look for and book my services! 

I went from charging and embarrassing amount of $13.50 USD per coaching scan to a whopping $95 USD 

I didn’t how to market and sell my services and I am now confident in explaining briefly what I do and how ZYTO helps me to design a personalized program. 

I am honestly delighted about making this investment. It has changed the way I see myself in this business and it has given me the confidence about my use of ZYTO to fulfill my business dreams. With what I learned, I had the confidence to upgrade my ZYTO system too!  

I strongly recommend this course if you want to be more confident and grow your health/wellness business supporting your practice with ZYTO.  

-Guille Guzman, Wellness Practitioner, Mexico City

Hiring Patti was money well spent — I emerged from the process with a clear understanding of how to be more productive in my business. The turn-key program I created can easily be converted to meet the needs of additional markets. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new client. In fact, I no longer spend my days spinning my wheels and swirling in ideas that never materialize.  

Thanks for a great experience Patti! I look forward to your future products and services.  

Rebecca Aldag, MBA, MS, CNS, SFG, - Herbalist, Nutritionist, Wisconsin

I really enjoyed the ZYTO Business Coaching program! The information helped to improve my confidence in using ZYTO technology in my practice and gave me a great frame-work to help expand my practice. It is great to receive coaching not only from a successful wellness practitioner, but one who has successfully built a thriving practice using the ZYTO toolkit.  

Patti provides valuable information on how to introduce yourself and the technology to clients to help them "get it". She is very knowledgeable and experience and presents all the topics in a fun and interesting way. The small-group coaching sessions also provide an excellent opportunity to reach out to and learn from other practitioners in the same boat!  

I will certainly use Patti's coaching programs in the future as I continue to strive to improve my skills, experience and confidence while I expand my own practice.  

Marla Tenney, CNTP, Shakti Whole Health  

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